Everything you need for prototype development and production are at your disposal in Radarsan TreeLab.
SMD (Surface Mount Devices) Lab
To meet your needs for small quantities of highly complex and high quality circuit boards, especially for prototype production, TreeLab’s high-tech lab facilities are at your service.
LPKF ProtoMat S103

Configured Multi-Layer RF and microwave requirements.

Max. material size and layout area (X x Y x Z); 229 mm x 305 mm x 35/ 22 mm

High Resolution(0.5 μm) ve Precision (± 0.02 mm

Screen Printer
Speed Print SP700 Screen Printer

Fully automated Dual Roving camera,

High precision(1 μm)

610×508 PCB sizes

23”x29” Stencil sizes

Pick and Place

Samsung SM482 Placement Machine

Capacity; 28,000 Component per hour

Applicable Part: 0603 mm(0201inch),0402 mm (1005 inch), (BGA, micro BGA,QFP, QFN, CSP) (0.3 mm pitch)

PCB Sizes: 460(L) x 400(W), 510(L) x 460(W), 610(L) x 510(W), 740 (L) x 460 (W)

Total number of Feeders: 120

Heller 1707 MARK III Reflow System/span>

Lead Free production capability

Advanced 5 thermocouple PCB profiling

14 Heating Zones

350°C – 450°C operating temperature

Facilities of TreeLab enable Radarsan to become an approved supplier of Havelsan, Accenture and Roketsan for PCB design, manufacturing and testing. Industry leading companies like Pavotek and Lighthouse also prefer to benefit from Treelab’s swift and high-quality PCB services

Electronics Lab
In TreeLab, we deliver the manufactured circuits for your prototypes after completing lean electric tests and quality checks utilizing electron microscopes.
Our test utilities are at your disposal for your prototype products’ electronics tests.
Mechanic Lab
In TreeLab Mechanics Lab we produce and test the components required for your prototype’s exterior design.


We offer prompt exterior design solutions during prototype development and manufacturing stages with our high precision CNC machines and 3D printers.
Coworking Space
We carry out R&D and design activities with our project partners in TreeLab’s common workplace. We value mutual and collective learning by multi-disciplinary specialists working on a common objective. It is our aim to continuously enrich a mutual development culture at our inspiring TreeLab.