Creating Future Today

Radarsan is a high tech startup specialized in remote sensing technologies.

Our primary focus is on research, development, design and manufacturing of Radar systems enhanced with sensor fusion. We aim to contribute to the society by significantly improving safety, security and efficiency across multiple domains with our innovative solutions.

We started our journey at the Incubation Center of the Technology Development Zone of Istanbul in 2014. With advanced electronic circuit assembly capabilities in its Technology Research, Engineering and Electronics Lab (Tree-Lab) in Istanbul, Radarsan also provides contract manufacturing services to a number of well established brands across various industries since 2016.


Sustainable and Practical Innovation

Radar and remote sensing technologies have the potential of improving the safety, ease of management and efficiency of mobility, mining, agriculture, city management and many other areas. At Radarsan, we are specialized in sensor fusion in commercial radar and remote sensing applications. During research and development phases of our projects, we aim to design products which optimize resource consumption while providing best possible outcomes.

Our innovation vision is centered around “creating sustainable solutions” for a “better future”. This vision is embedded in every decision we make during research, design and development of Radarsan’s solutions, in which economical and environmental sustainability are always common attributes.

Acting as a reliable strategic partner for public institutions and corporations, Radarsan guarantees the technological and economical sustainability of their desired remote sensing solutions.


A team that combines hyper-specialization with innovative thinking

We have a multi-disciplinary team of experts who have enriched their profiles across many innovative international projects in various domains. Team members commit their utmost creativity, knowledge and energy to their work as key stakeholders of our projects. We have established a co-working space and a co-working culture which are nourished by all team members.

Our core team shares our creative and inspiring co-working space with our hyper specialized SuperTemp extended team members who bring various deeply specialized skills to our projects. Thus an ecosystem is created where innovative ideas transform into sustainable solutions by experts qualified in their fields.